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SiRIUS Embedded Software is fast growing Services and Support organization with offices in Bangalore and Japan. We provide high-quality cost-effective system solutions with focused applications for the digital home, portable devices, and automotive environments. We provide development services and QA & Testing support to our clients worldwide.

We work closely with our clients to define their requirements, especially in projects with not-so-well defined initial specifications, which continue to evolve with the project. This approach to client relationships has positioned SiRIUS as a strong embedded services partner with its clients.

We work with limited but strategic accounts in order to provide them our complete attention. SiRIUS has a strong track-record of Technology and Business development experience in the areas of embedded systems and multimedia. SiRIUS Embedded Systems is one of the portfolio companies of an international group of investors. The company is well capitalized to focus on embedded software services for its worldwide clients.

Sirius is the brightest star visible to the human eye. In fact, it consists of two stars- a white star (Sirius A) and a companion star (Sirius B) in the constellation Canis Major.

We believe that this dual star structure truly signifies our philosophy of partnership between SiRIUS and the client. We work with our clients as partners towards a common goal- as a single team to accomplish our objectives