This unique camera design enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) by delivering video analytics.

The AVB camera is targeted  for automotive and industrial environments, and available prototypes are housed in a small robust package.  It has an image resolution of 1304×980 pixels and can deliver up to 60fps in 720p mode.  Camera has a horizontal field of view (HFOV) of over 185°.

This camera design, validated using AVB Switches, is a strong contender for modern automotive applications:

In-camera Image metrics to support ADAS computations

  • Optical Flow
  • Edge Detection
  • Secondary channel provides meta-data

HDR image processing

MJPEG or H.264 video encoding with ultra-low latency

Fisheye image correction

Graphics overlay

Video analytics

The camera is AVB compliant to respond to specific requirements of operating performance in term of robustness, latency, operability in AVB network and multi-camera exposure synchronization. It follows ISO17215 standard for control protocol.  The typical automotive applications include ADAS, Rear-View Camera and Surround-View Camera.

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