Diesel Generator Monitoring

Intelligent Diesel Generator Set Management

Sirius’s Diesel Generator (DG) Sets Monitoring Solution provides accurate fuel levels, DG Set performance and maintenance tracking. Our solutions provide powerful visual insights by combining real-time fuel, various DG Set parameter and GPS location data. This assists managers of DG Sets to highly optimize operations, track and perform timely maintenance and enhance profit margins.


Easy Installations

  • Easy and quick installations
  • Reduce downtime. Installations happen in short durations during normal operations
  • Avoid dangerous tank modifications

Automatic Calibration

  • Patent-pending, automatic calibration
  • Calibration happens on cloud servers. No delays to normal operations
  • Self learning system improves over time

Prevent Fuel Losses and Improve Efficiency

  • Get real-time data on all your DG Sets Fuel Usage
  • See and analyze causes of drops in fuel and performance
  • Detect Fuel Drops and Losses by Theft
  • Accurately analyze effects of sub-optimal performance on your DG Sets fuel consumption

Comprehensive Reports and Alerts

Instant Alerts by SMS

  • Fuel Fill Alerts
  • Fuel Drop Alerts


  • Summary
  • DG run times for selected time periods
  • Fuel Fill and Drop Reports
  • Automated Delivery of Reports
  • Schedule automatic generation and delivery of reports by email