This unique antenna sensor design can separate all RF hardware (Tuner, LTE, Antenna, etc.) into a remote CommBox unit with BroadR-Reach Ethernet connectivity, that enables a lower-cost of an all-digital-headunit. The CommBox module is connected using POE (Power over Ethernet), allowing a simple UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) Ethernet connection to the Infotainment Headunit.  This simplified design standardizes a single digital headunit configuration for all geographies.


Since each geography has its own RF standard and conformance requirements (e.g. for AM, FM, Cellular, Wireless), it has necessitated tailoring separate Headunits to be manufactured for each geography.  This innovation enables separation of geography-specific-hardware from the Headunit into a CommBox module, so a common All-Digital-Headunit can be deployed in all geographies.  All geography specific CommBox hardware resides in the “sharkfin” at the back of the vehicle and connects remotely through Ethernet AVB

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